Picture of the Week – Kevin Uses a Water-fed Pole

Kevin Strom of Fish Window Cleaning – Los Angeles South Bay uses a water-fed pole to clean high windows in Redondo Beach.

What is a Water-Fed Pole?
A water-fed pole or “system” uses purified water in conjunction with a tool to clean windows, building surfaces, vinyl awnings, truck trailers, cars, etc.

The “water-fed” pole uses regular tap water that is then hooked up to our mobile de-ionized water filtration unit. The de-ionizer is used to reduce calcium, salt and other particles found in regular tap water from about 400 particles per million (ppm) to about 1 ppm – creating essentially “pure” water.

For reference, Arrowhead bottled water, while refreshing and delicious, contains about 225 ppm and is perfectly safe to drink, but if you’ve ever let some evaporate on a piece of glass, you’ll notice that the water does leave some “residue” spots. De-ionized water with less that 20 ppm leaves virtualy no residue – i.e. NO SPOTS!

The water is pumped from the de-ionized unit, up through the brush (hence the name “water-fed”) and squirted onto the glass while the cleaner uses the brush to agitate the dirt located on the window. Once he’s scrubbed the entire piece of glass with the brush, the “pure” water is used to rinse the particles away and the window dries spot free!

Water-fed pole techniques are very important to Fish Window Cleaning’s success, since we clean a number of buildings and homes where its simply impractical (and dangerous) to use a ladder to clean with a traditional mop and squeegee.

Some homes in the Los Angeles South Bay (especially in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach) are built so close to their neighbors that there’s literally no other way to reach the windows safely. Thank goodness for technology!

Using a water-fed pole is an excellent way to safely and efficiently clean difficult to reach windows – but traditional window cleaning techniques should always be considered first, before resorting to advanced technology.

Consumer Tip: Ask your window cleaner “how” and “why?”

Always make sure that your window cleaner has been properly trained on the proper use and maintenance of the equipment, how frequently they use this equipment/technique and, more importantly, why the pole is being used.

Some window cleaners tend to “overuse” water-fed poles just to gain speed rather than providing the “best” solution for their customers’ needs. When asked about why they are using a water-fed pole, your window cleaner must have an answer better than “it’s faster this way“.

Remember: You are the consumer and you have the right to ask “why”!


Fish Window Cleaning is an National Franchise with 190+ franchisees located throughout the United States.  FWC corporate headquarters are located in St. Louis, MO.

John Gran and Cynthia Julian own and operate the franchise located in the Los Angeles – South Bay, providing residential and commercial window cleaning, gutter cleaning, chandelier cleaning, pressure washing, and more.

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