NRBBA Installs Banners in North Redondo Beach

The North Redondo Beach Business Association (NRBBA)  has installed new Banners on Artesia Blvd. in Redondo Beach, CA.

Personal Goal: Give Back to My Community

In 2012,  my primary goal is to grow our window cleaning business in the South Bay.

We have great clients and we close many more each week by providing a needed service to an accepting community, for a reasonable price.  We are truly blessed.  Because we realize our circumstances, we feel it’s vitally important to give back to our community.

One way that I personally give back is by donating my time serving as Treasurer for the North Redondo Beach Business Association (NRBBA).

I’m excited to share some very cool things we are doing in North Redondo Beach!

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Businesses Come Together in North Redondo Beach 

NRBBA Brochure

NRBBA Brochure

The NRBBA brings together business owners, managers and city government representatives to share information and help North Redondo Beach businesses grow.

Led by President Clark Adams (Clark Adams Windows), the NRBBA Board of Directors works closely with local businesses to address issues and serve as the “Voice of North Redondo Beach Business“.

Originally formed in 1979, the NRBBA is a 501c6 all-volunteer, non-profit organization. The Association is an active member of the Board of Directors of the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau and sponsors two fund-raising events – Dine Around North Redondo and SpringFest.  The proceeds from these events are returned to the community via School scholarships, the Library Foundation, holiday lighting and banners, police dogs and more.

Besides fundraising for community projects, the NRBBA holds a monthly public meeting to address local topics and issues in North Redondo Beach.

NRBBA meetings are held at 8:00am on the Second Thursday of the Month, at the North Branch, Redondo Beach Library. (2000 Artesia Blvd.)

We follow a formal agenda that addresses the following items:

Clark Adams - President of the NRBBA

Clark Adams - President of the NRBBA

  • Discuss ways to grow your business
  • Network with other businesses
  • Learn about local events and news
  • Discuss local issues and proposed solutions
  • Meet city officials and learn more about Redondo Beach

Become a member of the NRBBA – It’s Free!

And it’s the best way to stay informed of exciting events and projects happening in North Redondo Beach! As business owners and your neighbors, we’d love to meet you, hear your thoughts and work together on issues that concern our businesses and our community.

For more information, visit our website at

Creating an Identity for North Redondo Beach


New NRBBA Logo

Community Identity, Branding, Marketing and PR efforts are proven to attract locals and visitors to the local businesses.

In the South Bay, such recent efforts are quite profitable for areas like Riviera Village, Downtown Manhattan Beach and Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach.

North Redondo Beach is committed to joining them!

Over the last several months the NRBBA has been working with local marketing firms to create an updated identity for North Redondo Beach and is now in the process of  facilitating a number of Branding, Marketing and PR efforts to attract locals and visitors to our community.  This is just the beginning!

The NRBBA is proud to announce it has recently completed the following important projects:

NRBBA Banners on Artesia Blvd.

New Banners on Artesia Blvd.

  1. Created a New Logo for the NRBBA:  Shop – Dine – Discover!
  2. Created a new, full-color, three-fold NRBBA brochure
  3. Created window clings to display the new Logo in Stores and office buildings
  4. Created and hung 48 White and Blue Banners on Artesia Blvd – they look great!

Other exciting projects are in the works, and there’s plenty to do!

Note: All projects and efforts are funded solely through the NRBBA’s privately raised funds and donations – no public funds are being used!

If you are interested in helping grow business in North Redondo Beach, please consider joining the NRBBA (it’s Free!)

Simply email us and make plans to join us at our next monthly meeting  – we’d love to meet you and hear your thoughts!

Shop – Dine – Discover  North Redondo Beach

You’ll be glad you did!


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John Gran and Cynthia Julian own and operate the franchise located in the Los Angeles – South Bay, providing residential and commercial window cleaning, gutter cleaning, chandelier cleaning, pressure washing, and more.

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