Living Our Company’s Core Values

I wanted to share a prime example why we purchased a Fish Window Cleaning franchise.

Fish = Good People with Shared Values.  

We had a very nice treat the other day, Miles and Jean Roche – Fish Window Cleaning Boulder, CO visited us to talk about our business and enjoy some of our Southern California sunshine.

Miles and Jean Roche

Miles and Jean Roche, Fish Franchisees from Boulder Colorado

We ate lunch at Rock ‘N Fish Restaurant in Manhattan Beach, CA and then walked down to the Manhattan Beach Pier.  My wife Cynthia and I were proud to point out many customers with sparkling clean windows, including: Skechers Shoes #1 (their flagship store), Diane’s Beachwear, Manhattan Beach Post Restaurant, Boy Roy Salon, Pasta Pomodoro Restaurant and many others.

Miles and Jean have owned their franchise  for 10+ years, are great resources for information and excellent examples of successful people – in both their business and private lives.  We love spending time with them and are flattered they chose to spend some of their precious vacation time with us.

Following Miles’ and Jean’s example, we can’t wait to visit Colorado!

An Afternoon Visit… So What?

Fish Window Cleaning is run by good people.

Miles & Jean Roche Visit John Gran & Cynthia Julian in Manhattan Beach, CA

Should sharks be scared of Fish? Yes.

As a franchise, we work closely together to strengthen our Fish Window Cleaning brand and grow our individual companies, and we treat all corporate employees, fellow franchisees and window cleaners like “Fish Family” members.  We are truly there for each other!

Again, most companies say that too…So what’s the big deal?

During our visit, I realized we share a company name, but we also share common values.

Mike Merrick, CEO Fish Window Cleaning

Mike Merrick, CEO

Our CEO, Mike Merrick, has built a company that  “says what it does, and does what it says.

Under Mike’s leadership, we start with a strong mission statement that needs to be accepted before purchasing and running a local franchise.

Franchisees  live in Red States and Blue States, North and South, East and West – but our mission and values are the same.

Fish Window Cleaning Mission Statement

Fish Window Cleaning will dominate the market and be “clearly seen” as the best and most respected window-cleaning company in the world.

We will continue to accomplish this by providing:

  • Superior service to our customers.
  • Unmatched support and partnership with our franchisees.
  • Personal and professional growth to our employees.

Understanding and accepting this mission gets you started, but franchisees must also espouse a set of core values before they can wear a Red Fish Shirt.

Fish Window Cleaning Core Values

  1. Honor God and family.
  2. Honesty – You can believe what we say.
  3. Integrity – We say what we mean.
  4. Commitment – We do what we say.
  5. Promise – We keep our promises.
  6. Available – We are always available.
  7. No excuses – Do it right the first time.
  8. We care and we help.
  9. We succeed.
  10. We have fun.

Who wouldn’t want to own/work for a company that says these things, but also does them?

Well, I do.   And 220+ other franchisees across the country do too!

Fish Window Cleaning Franchisees

220+ Fish Window Cleaning Franchisees

Living our Company’s Core Values

Fish Window Cleaning is run by good, caring, responsible people.

#1 – Honor God and Family

When you use Fish Window Cleaning you can expect friendly, professional, trustworthy service.

#2 to #7 – We expect these from ourselves too. 

Mike Merrick and "FredBird" having fun in St. Louis

Mike Merrick having fun in St. Louis

From our CEO to our newest franchisees, we know putting on a Red Fish Shirt means having 220+ “family members” that are focused on the same purpose and principles.  And there’s strength in numbers.

We talk on the phone, visit each other, hold regional meetings and all get together at our annual convention to train on the latest window cleaning techniques, learn from each other and continually focus our efforts to help each franchise grow and serve its customers better.

We are in this business together, and we want our fellow franchisees to succeed.

#8 We care and we help.

Fish Window Cleaning is the #1 window cleaning company in the United States.

#9 We Succeed.

So, yes, we had a wonderful time with Miles and Jean the other day.  We laughed, shared information and helped each other.   By spending this time together, we also lived our company’s final core value.

#10 – We have Fun.


 Fish Window Cleaning is a National Franchise with 220+ franchisees located throughout the United States.  FWC corporate headquarters are located in St. Louis, MO.

John Gran and Cynthia Julian own and operate the franchise located in the Los Angeles – South Bay, providing residential and commercial window cleaning, gutter cleaning, chandelier cleaning, pressure washing, and more.

Click Here or Call 310-973-3474 for a Free, on-site written estimate.

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