Mike and Linda receive the Franchise Business Review Top 50 award

Attitude & Aptitude Earn Fish #14 Spot in Top 50 Franchise Award

Fish Window Cleaning is ranked #14 in the Franchise Business Review’s Top 50

Franchise Business Review Top 50 Award

Franchise Business ReviewInternational Franchise Association

Each year, Franchise Business Review (FBR) surveys thousands of franchise owners.  Their goal is to determine how satisfied the franchisees are with their Franchise and then rank and present their findings in their annual Franchisee Satisfaction Awards – known as the  Franchise Business Review Top 50 Awards.

Fish Window Cleaning at IFA Convention

Also in Feb, the Fish Team attended the IWCA Convention in New Orleans, LA

The Top 50 awards are then presented at the annual International Franchise Association (IFA) convention.

This year’s 52nd annual IFA Convention was held February 11 – 14  at the Orlando World Center Marriott.

The convention is attended by hundreds of Franchisers from all over the county.  There is a full agenda of seminars, round tables, exhibitions and networking events and the week culminates at the prestigious awards presentation held towards the end of the convention.

During this year’s Awards Presentation, Fish Window Cleaning was awarded the #14 Ranking in the Franchise Business Reviews Top 50 – Large Class Division. This represents a 16 spot jump from last year.

Congratulations Fish Window Cleaning!

What makes a good Franchisee?

In an interview, Mike Merrick was asked: “What are you looking for in a franchisee?”

Mike Merrick, CEO

Mike Merrick, CEO

I can probably boil it down to two words: Attitude and Aptitude.

You need the right “attitude”, every single day.  It’s the “I will succeed” attitude that drives every successful business owner of every business – not just the window cleaning business.  By “aptitude” I mean you need to have some inherent skills or the ability to learn them.

  1. Goal oriented person. Practically, we want to find franchisees who have a higher comfort level. Someone who easily reaches their comfort level will grow the business until they’ve got a decent income – it’s not hard – and then they’ll level off. We want to find franchisees willing to take the business to the next level. The opportunity is waiting.
  2. Truly service centered. This has been a part of my philosophy from the beginning. It is not lip service to me. It is based in my values from the start of the day to the end. I insist the customer is king. If a customer isn’t pleased, we ask “what will it take to make you happy?”
  3. Sales drive. Once the goal is set and the commitment to service is there, this is a business driven by a determination to hit the street and sell. If you do, you will shine big. The work is there. The money is there. If you don’t regularly sell, you will flop. There is no substitute.
  4. Management Skills.  The ability to manage employees. If you can’t handle employees, you shouldn’t do this business.
  5. Personality. The customer buys your personality while paying for your service. The clean windows consistently come second to the window cleaner. If you aren’t seen as a likeable person, this opportunity may not be for you.
  6. Organized. Our system teaches every aspect of doing this business well. It just needs to be followed. This business can be a disaster to the person lacking organization, intent on doing their own thing.

Mike concluded with a final thought:  “When someone buys a Fish Window Cleaning franchise, one of the most valuable tools they get is over 20 years of my mistakes. If you’re buying our experience, make sure you use it.”

Building a World Class Franchise

Mike Merrick had lost his job as a bank manager when the window washer for the branch said he was interested in selling his business. Merrick looked at the company’s books and was impressed with what he saw–low overhead and virtually no inventory. In 1978, Merrick and his wife, Linda, purchased the company, renamed it, and Fish Window Cleaning was born.

Fish Window Cleaning

The Largest and Most Respected Window Cleaning Company in America

Based on growing demand and his success, he realized there was a need for this service in other markets. Mike used his 20 years of experience to create the Fish Window Cleaning franchise system.

In 1998, the first FISH franchise location was opened in Tampa, FL. Since then, Fish Window Cleaning has grown to more than 220 franchise territories in 40 states. Thirty years later, the company still maintains the traditional Mission Statement and a Core set of Values it was founded on.

Although Fish is now the world’s largest window cleaning company, we will always treat every customer as though they are our only customer.

Why Purchase a Fish Window Cleaning Franchise?

  • In Business Since 1978
  • High Frequency Repeat Business
  • Plan-able Grow
  • Low Start-up Cost
  • High Profit Margin
  • Growing Demand in the Residential & Commercial needs
  • Partnerships with Maid Services, Janitorial Companies, and Contractors & Builders
  • No High Rise!
  • Monday – Friday, daytime hours
  • Proprietary Software – Profitable Routing & Scheduling
  • Unparalleled Franchise Support
  • We teach you to develop a growing business.

Visit our Corporate website at  www.FishWindowCleaning.com for details on purchasing a Fish Window Cleaning Franchise 


 Fish Window Cleaning is a National Franchise with 220+ franchisees located throughout the United States.  FWC corporate headquarters are located in St. Louis, MO.

John Gran and Cynthia Julian own and operate the franchise located in the Los Angeles – South Bay, providing residential and commercial window cleaning, gutter cleaning, chandelier cleaning, pressure washing, and more.

Click Here or Call 310-973-3474 for a Free, on-site written estimate.

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