Case Studies: Removing Scratched Glass Graffiti

Unfortunately graffiti is a fact of our city life, now you can do something about it.

Scratched Glass Graffiti

My company cleans thousands of commercial windows every month, and I estimate that 20% to 25% of all our customers ether have a scratch or a graffiti “tag” on their glass or building.

Acid Etching - Scratched Glass

Sample of Acid Etching Graffiti

This statistic shocked me when I first started to keep count, and then I got mad.

These are my neighborhoods too and having marks everywhere made me uncomfortable just walking up and down the streets.

When we clean a store’s windows, the owner would usually ask “can you get that off too?”  My response for the first year was, “sorry, no” but then I decided to do some research and figure out what it takes to actually remove these unsightly marks on our society.

I found that there’s essentially two ways to remove the “tag” 1) Replace the glass and 2) Restore the glass.

We work closely with our local glass companies and often recommend replacing glass rather that restoring it.  When the price makes sense, we do recommend removing the “tag” via a process called scratched glass restoration.

Scratched Glass Restoration 

There’s an entire industry to remove scratches and acid etching from glass – who knew?

In future posts, I’ll talk discuss the types of graffiti, glass replacement, commercial and residential scratches, anti-graffiti film installation and the details of the scratched glass restoration process, but for today I’m going to post two “case study” videos that we put together to demonstrate the process.

Quick note: We recommend restoring the glass if the cost is 50% or less of the replacement costs.  Both of the following case studies fit this criterion, and the customers were extremely happy with the results (we were too!)

Case Study #1:  Acid Etching on Glass

Video: 4 minutes.  Graffiti Type: Acid Etching on Glass.  Location: Los Angeles, CA.   Duration: 3.5 hours   Cost: Restoration Cost: $320, Glass Replacement Cost: $750  Results: Extremely Happy Customer.

Case Study #2:  Scratched Glass

Video: 12 minutes  Graffiti Type: Deep scratch on Glass.  Location: Gardena,  CA.   Duration: 2.5 hours   Cost: Restoration Cost: $280, Glass Replacement Cost: $700  Results: Very Happy Customer.

Finding a Glass Restoration Service Provider

As you can see, there is a cost-effective solution to remove graffiti.  When we perform the process, I just feel better knowing we are cleaning up our city, one window at a time.

There are many excellent companies that perform glass restoration services.   Search the Internet using the words “scratched glass Removal” “acid etching removal” or some combination of these search words and a number of companies should pop up.

If you cannot find one, ask for a recommendation from your local glass company and/or window tinting company.  These businesses work closely with glass restoration service providers and will definitely know who performs this service in your area.

Look for more posts on this subject.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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