For Sale: Used Pulex Electric 5-Stage RO/DI Cart w/Hose Reel

IMG_1139Retail Price:  $5,436  
Selling for:  $2,750

One of my local competitors (non-Fish) went out of business and to help him out, I purchased his vehicle and equipment. The majority of the items we could not use, but we did work in a few pieces of equipment, and were able to sell the vehicle and trailer.

One of the remaining items is this heavy duty, Pulex 5-stage water filtration unit, with about 9,000 gallons usage and an electric (not-battery) pump. We already have two smaller water filtration units and we also stay away from the electric versions – this piece of equipment simply just does not fit our business model.

Product Description
Electric Powered 5 Stage RO/DI Cart w/Hose Reel, 166 ft Hose, (TDS Meter is broken)

The Ultra Pure RODI – Reverse Osmosis Deionizing system offers the absolute purest water (zero TDS) a system can provide for the highest quality and fastest cleaning available.  (Product Description taken from J.Racenstein’s website)

  • 5-stage pure water filtration
  • Lowest cost pure water available
  • Tank-less system provides enough pure water for:
    • Two-pole cleaning with electric
  • Two wheel cart with 10″ pneumatic ball bearing wheels allows for easy movement on any terrain
  • Includes hose real with 166′ (50 meters) hose
  • This is the electric version, with power cord.


If you are interested in purchasing this system from me, please email me at, call my office at 310-973-3474 or leave a comment below.

I’m based in Los Angeles, CA and I’m willing to deliver within Southern California.

Thank you!



About the Author

John Gran & Cynthia Julian

John Gran & Cynthia Julian

John Gran (@FishSouthBay) is an entrepreneur and former marketing and product development executive who has grown his successful Fish Window Cleaning franchise in the Los Angeles – South Bay area to become a leading professional in window cleaning services for business owners and home owners.

With his popular blog A Clear View Through Clean Windows, John shares his window cleaning expertise by addressing topics and answering questions that customers continually ask him during his day.  He also uses window cleaning pictures, inspirations and stories about his business to demonstrate the fundamentals for building a strong, healthy, thriving business.

John lives & works with his wife Cynthia in Redondo Beach, CA (she runs the business too!)

If you have a question or would like window cleaning services click Here or Call 310-973-3474 for a Free, on-site written estimate.

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