It Might Rain…Should I Clean My Windows? YES!

Q:  There’s rain in the forecast…what should I do?

A:  Have FISH still clean your windows!

Tut Tut… Looks like Rain

If you think the rain will make your windows look dirty after we clean them… It won’t! 

Rain water, by itself, does not spot your windows.

Rain water is about as pure as water gets.  It contains little or no impurities and, by itself, does not cause your windows to look dirty, spotted or streaked.

On clean glass the “pure” rain water just runs right off, spot free!

So Why Do Windows Spot? 

Windows become dirty from the wind blowing dust and debris against your windows and, over time, it eventually sticks.

Ever notice how when your car’s windows are clean, they stay clean longer?  Conversely, when your car’s windows are dirty they seem to get dirtier faster?

It’s simple: The existing debris catches the new debris and it builds up.

The same “build up” principle applies to store fronts, home windows and glass buildings, resulting in visible Spots.

When “pure” rain water meets debris on an unclean window, it gets caught on the window and dries.  The resulting spots are a mixture of the “pure” water and existing debris.

Water Spots Up Close

Water Spots


Cleaning your windows regularly keeps the glass clean and free of debris and allows the “pure” rain water to run off because there’s nothing to cling to.

No Spots.

So, when there’s rain in the forecast, it’s actually smart to have Fish Window Cleaning clean your windows.

When the sun comes out you’ll see Sparkles not Spots!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Even when it rains.

No, our cleaners won’t stand in the pouring rain to clean your windows.

But, if rain is in the forecast, it’s just sprinkling or your windows are covered by an overhang or awnings – we’ll make your windows sparkle just like we do when it’s sunny.

Your windows will look great and, because they’re clean, they won’t spot up.

If it rains within 48 hours of your cleaning AND your windows do spot up, call us and we’ll touch them up – Free of Charge – as soon as possible.

We guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with our work, even when it rains!

FISH makes your windows SPARKLE – Rain or Shine!


About the Author

John Gran & Cynthia Julian

John Gran (@FishSouthBay) is an entrepreneur and former marketing and product development executive who has grown his successful Fish Window Cleaning franchise in the Los Angeles – South Bay area to become a leading professional in window cleaning services for business owners and home owners.

With his popular blog A Clear View Through Clean Windows, John shares his window cleaning expertise by addressing topics and answering questions that customers continually ask him during his day.  He also uses window cleaning pictures, inspirations and stories about his business to demonstrate the fundamentals for building a strong, healthy, thriving business.

John lives & works with his wife Cynthia in Redondo Beach, CA (she runs the business too!)

If you have a question or would like window cleaning services click Here or Call 310-973-3474 for a Free, on-site written estimate.

2 comments on “It Might Rain…Should I Clean My Windows? YES!

  1. I never considered getting my windows cleaned before a storm but after reading your article, I see why it is a great idea. It makes complete sense and it is such a smart idea. I think that whenever I see rain in the forecast here in Paoli, PA, I will definitely give the window cleaning service a call. Thanks for the information.

    • Thank you for your comments, we are glad you found this article / information useful. We do get a lot of potential customer cancellations for window cleaning services when the weather turns a little rainy, and we continually educating our customers about clean windows. May your windows SPARKLE, rain or shine! Thanks again, John.

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