Make Mom Smile…Clean Her Windows!

Want something special for Mom this year?  Try cleaning her windows, she will love it!

Mothers Love Clean Windows 

A little while back I shared some fundamental elements about Fish Window Cleaning in my article, “Living Our Company’s Core Values

Mike, Linda and Jill Myers, Regional Development Director, American Red Cross

Mike & Linda Merrick w/ Jill Myers, Reg. Development Director, American Red Cross

The Company’s first core value is “Honor God and Family”.  This value is easy to say, but how do you actually do it?

Well, it hit me the other day when I thought about the unwritten rule we have at Fish Window Cleaning:

Your parent’s windows will always be clean.  For Free!

My wife Cynthia and I learned about this national, unwritten rule when we visited Fish Headquarters in St. Louis, prior to purchasing our franchise.

During our “discovery day“, we learned that Mike Merrick, our company’s Founder and CEO, still cleans his 89 year-old mother’s windows.  Mike and his brother Dave Merrick (also a Fish Franchisee) grab their ladders, buckets and squeegees and make mom’s windows sparkle regularly.

Mike is a humble man but he sure was proud when he shared this aspect of his life with us.

Everyone loves clean windows, but a child giving their time to serve their parent is a prime example of “Honoring Your Family.”

Especially when the child has grey hair too.

We Clean Our Moms’ Windows

Mothers love their home and they love spending time with their children.

And the thought of our CEO cleaning his Mom’s windows is quite inspiring.

So, each year just before Mother’s Day, I clean my mom’s windows and spend the rest of the afternoon chatting with her.

When I finish, she says the same thing each time, “John, it’s such a treat to have you clean my windows.  I love that you take the time to clean them, and they sparkle for many weeks after you are done.  I’m not sure which I like the most: The time doing them or the lasting sparkle!”

She says it with such sincerity, I almost believe that she’s truly perplexed.  Wink. Wink.

The Ladies of Fish Window Cleaning

Cynthia, Sonya and Tina in the Fish Window Cleaning Office

Our Employees Now Clean Their Mom’s Windows Too

Our employees are encouraged to clean their mom’s windows just like Mike Merrick.

The new cleaners usually balk until they realize they can save money while showing off in front of the easiest customer they have:  Mom!

Recently, even our office manager cleaned her mother’s windows.  She did a great job, her mom was very pleased and I think she now has a better appreciation for the cleaners.

Our employees now get the message… Moms love clean windows.

As Mother’s Day approaches, do you want to get her something different than chocolate and flowers?

This year, try cleaning your mom’s windows, she’ll love it!

It may take a couple of hours and require some hard work, but I guarantee your mom will cherish every moment of it, just like our moms do.

Cleaning Your Mom’s Windows

There are two things to remember about giving the gift of clean windows:

  1. The time you spend is almost as important as the windows being clean.
  2. You must be safe or please stop reading this article and buy your mom some flowers like everyone else.

Because I own and operate a window cleaning company, I have the equipment and training to efficiently, and properly clean my mother’s windows.

What Equipment will I need!

Bucket, Mop, Towels, Squeegee and Dish Washing Soap (maybe a stepladder)

I realize this is not the case for everyone.

So, here are 4 ways you can clean your mom’s windows too:

  1. Use Mom’s Equipment: Your mom’s windows have been cleaned at some point, ask her if she has equipment.  If so, set a time, go over there and get to it!
  2. Buy Mom a Mop & Squeegee: If your mom doesn’t have window cleaning equipment, stop by a hardware store, buy supplies and give them to her.
    Here’s the important part: With this option, it’s very important to include a card that says, “I’m giving you this equipment so I can clean your windows for you.”  If you just give the equipment, you are better off just getting her nothing!
  3. Bring Your Own Equipment: If you have your own equipment, schedule a time, go over there and get to it (see option #1)
  4. Hire a Professional Window Cleaner:  Sometimes hiring a professional is the best option.  Spend the time talking with mom and pay the bill – her sincere smile and thanks will be the same as the other options.

Whichever way you choose, have fun and do your best – your mom will love it!

Have you ever cleaned your mother’s windows?  Please share your experience, we’d love to hear it.

Just remember: If you clean your mother’s windows, please be safe!

She wants them done again next year too! 

Happy Mother’s Day!


About the Author

John Gran & Cynthia Julian

John Gran & Cynthia Julian

John Gran (@FishSouthBay) is an entrepreneur and former marketing and product development executive who has grown his successful Fish Window Cleaning franchise in the Los Angeles – South Bay area to become a leading professional in window cleaning services for business owners and home owners.

With his popular blog A Clear View Through Clean Windows, John shares his window cleaning expertise by addressing topics and answering questions that customers continually ask him during his day.  He also uses window cleaning pictures, inspirations and stories about his business to demonstrate the fundamentals for building a strong, healthy, thriving business.

John lives & works with his wife Cynthia in Redondo Beach, CA (she runs the business too!)

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