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Picture of the Week – Fish In Show Business!

Question:  Is Fish Window Cleaning in Show Business?

Fish Window Cleaning Uses a Water-fed Pole to clean the high windows!

Fish Window Cleaning cleans the AMC Del Amo Theaters in Torrance, California

Answer:     Well….Yes, They Are!

Here’s how the old joke goes: “Pete the Janitor works for the circus and is cleaning up elephant poop in the center ring when his friend walks in and declares, “Pete, you should quit this job.  It’s disgusting!”  Pete looks at his friend with a perplexed look and says, “you mean I should quit show business?”

Window cleaning is definitely not working in the circus but it is tough enough that our commercial customers use professionals to get their windows cleaned.   Whether they own a store in a strip mall or they manage a large landmark building, business owners understand that clean windows project a healthy, strong and viable first impression….  And customers do notice!

That’s why they call Fish Window Cleaning to clean their windows on a regular basis!

Most stores and restaurants hire FISH to clean their windows every 2 or 4 weeks. We clean the inside and the outside and remove all fingerprints, smudges, and cobwebs, giving your customers a great impression. Large jobs like the one in this picture are usually scheduled quarterly or semi-annually, depending on how dirty the glass gets.   Also, if you have scratched glass FISH can help you too!

In this picture, Fish Window Cleaning – Los Angeles South Bay window cleaners, Silvester Martinez and Jaime Rodriguez, use an Unger CarbonTec water-fed pole to clean the AMC Del Amo Theaters in Torrance California.  As you can see, even at 50 feet up, the glass sparkles and allows those famous faces to shine!

We absolutely agree… There’s no business like show business! 


Fish Window Cleaning is an National Franchise with 190+ franchisees located throughout the United States.  FWC corporate headquarters are located in St. Louis, MO.

John Gran and Cynthia Julian own and operate the franchise located in the Los Angeles – South Bay, providing residential and commercial window cleaning, gutter cleaning, chandelier cleaning, pressure washing, and more.

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